West Ryde Rovers began life as a sporting club in 1956, by local resident Lester Harry Waud.  He decided it was high time that the children of West Ryde were provided with some form of organised sport and together with Perce Rouse, he set about founding the West Ryde Rovers Soccer Club.

However it wasn’t until 1958 that West Ryde Rovers SC saw its first two teams compete in the local Hornsby-Epping Soccer Association competition. That first year there were just two teams - U12 and U14 teams - but that was the seedling that grew into the West Ryde Rovers Sports & Social Club, which over 50 years later is now arguably the largest sporting club in the Ryde district.

The Soccer Club quickly grew and it wasn’t long before other sports were interested in joining the Rovers family. In 1967, Rovers entered its first netball team in the local competition and in just four years later that number grew to 14, not far behind their soccer counterparts, who had 19 teams.

In 1974, West Ryde Rovers became an all year sporting club, when it entered a team into the local cricket competition. Initially in that first year it was a senior team, but it wasn’t long before there was enough interest among the many junior soccer players to form junior cricket teams. In the same year there was also two hockey teams, but they have since moved on.

In all, West Ryde Rovers Sports & Social Club has well in excess of 100 active teams, which would make Lester Waud very proud, as he watches over the legacy he left behind.

As a sports club, West Ryde Rovers is committed to providing an avenue for the men, women, boys and girls of the area, to play competitive sport, in a friendly and happy environment.

We welcome all new players and strive to fit everyone at a level that will maximise their enjoyment of the game.

Lester Harry Waud

Lester came to the West Ryde area in 1952 from Melbourne and quickly settled into life with his young family.

As a keen follower of football, it was at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, where he witnessed many events, including Australia’s 3-1 win over Japan in the football tournament, that Lester’s idea for a Soccer Club was cemented.

Along with Perce, Lester set about establishing the club and upon both finishing their commitments with Thornleigh Waratahs SC in 1957, it was West Ryde Rovers from then on.

In that first year, Lester was the coach of the U14 team and Perce the coach of the U12 team.

Legend has it that Lester would provide the necessary monies from his own pocket to enable young boys of the district to take up the game of soccer.

However Lester’s contribution to the local game was not confined to just West Ryde Rovers and he served on the Gladesville Hornsby Soccer Association committee for many years, including 2 years as President.

During the seventeen years he dedicated to the club, it grew remarkably and diversified into other sports, with netball and cricket becoming part of the club.

Lester passed away suddenly in 1974, but his memory lives on, and every time a Rovers team takes the field on the L.H.Waud Field at Meadowbank Park, the club's home ground named in his honour, it's a tribute to their founder's dedication.