Life Members

Below is a list of West Ryde Rovers Sports & Social Club Life Members.

Without their invaluable contributions to our club over the years, West Ryde Rovers wouldn't be the size and great community sporting club that it is today.

Lester Harry Waud (Club Founder)
Mavis Waud (Football & Netball)
John Muir (Football)
Bob Montgomery (Football)
Allan Waud (Football)
Karen Waud (Club President)
Marjory Warton (Netball)
Bill Plaskett (Football)
Alan Harrison (Cricket)
Fiona Harrison (Cricket)
Alan Anderson (Football)
Robert Goldsworthy (Football)
Andrew Lang (Football)
Col Harrison (Football)
Donna Clinch (Netball)
Robyn Casey (Netball)
Elaine Farley (Netball)
Matt Hanchard (Football)
Craig Eldred (Football)
Nable Rahme (Football)
Paul Basha (Football)
Paul Borg (Football)
Andrew Harrison (Football)
Michelle Lang (Netball & Football)
Richard Goggin (Cricket)
Harold Brooks (Netball)
Karen Harrison (Football)
Michael Weber (Football)
Sue Martin (Netball)
Leanne Roberts (Netball)
Doug Steel (Cricket)
Ruth Ross (Netball)
Michelle Downs (Netball) (Granddaughter of LH Waud)