Meadowbank Park

Meadowbank Park is located on the banks of Parramatta River and is encompassed by the suburbs of Meadowbank, West Ryde and Melrose Park.

It currently accommodates Football (Soccer), Netball & Hockey during the winter months and Cricket & Touch Football during summer, while the Meadowbank Park Tennis Courts are available all year round.

Meadowbank Park is not just about sporting fields and there are many walking, running and cycling tracks, along with four childrens playgrounds for the little ones to enjoy. Add the BBQ, picnic facilities & accessible toilets and Meadowbank Park quickly becomes a haven for many families and recreation enthusiasts every day of the week. The Ryde Riverwalk essentially separates the river from the park and is very popular route for all.  

West Ryde Rovers connection with Meadowbank Park essentially started when the club was founded by Lester Waud in 1956. It was well established as a sporting venue by then, especially during the summer, with around five cricket pitches in use.
When West Ryde Rovers first started playing matches in 1958, the club’s home ground was situated roughly where the main field next to the cul-de-sac (Ross Smith Avenue) is located today. It’s no coincidence that the growth of West Ryde Rovers Football Club, saw more soccer fields released to cater for the ever-increasing number of players and has hosted football matches for over 50 years.

After some years of lobbying and hard work by the West Ryde Rovers Sports and Social Club committee, the club was granted permission to have its own designated home ground at the complex. On the 14th May 1972, L.H. Waud Field, named after the club’s founder, was officially opened to great fanfare with West Ryde Rovers recording a win over arch rivals Queens Park to commemorate the opening.

There are 10 separate football fields in use at Meadowbank Park, making it easily the biggest venue for football in the Gladesville-Hornsby Football Association (GHFA) and North West Sydney Women’s Federation (NWSWF) competitions.
For many, many years, Meadowbank Park has hosted GHFA and NWSWF Grand Finals.

Netball has a significant presence at Meadowbank Park, with the Eastwood-Ryde Netball Association (ERNA) based at the venue. ERNA is part of Netball NSW. There are currently 27 hard courts at the venue, which was needed to cater for the ever expanding number of players the sport was accruing. Lighting has been installed at the venue, which enables teams to train and play night matches during the off-season.

As mentioned above, Meadowbank Park has been a cricket venue for many years and certainly before West Ryde Rovers included cricket as part of the club in 1974. The number of pitches has varied over the years, but it currently has four pitches.

There is no doubt that with its vast array of sporting fields and recreational facilities, Meadowbank Park is arguably the biggest and most popular recreational park in the Ryde District.

Meadowbank Park Information & Map - link to Ryde Council Website
Note: Field 11 is no longer available and has been replaced by Netball courts, and Fields 14 & 15 (mini fields) are located next to LH Waud.